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Find the difference between our 6 feet and 8 feet flower walls, and see the best ways to use them.

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Information about ordering laser cut custom signs, or adding custom lighting to our flower walls.

Blue Flower Wall 6 feet by 4 feet

6 Feet Flower Wall

Our 6 feet tall flower walls are designed for smaller spaces, like houses and offices. While the flower wall area is 6 feet tall, the stands actually measure 7 feet, adding some extra space on the bottom raising the wall 1 foot higher for those portrait style photos and selfie displays.

While the height is limited to 6 feet of flowers, the width starts with 4' and can go as wide as our clients need them. While a 6' x 4' is enough for a selfie spot, gift area, registration & seating, you might want a 6' x 6' for a couples backdrop at the wedding, or 6' x 10' for a reception area where multiple people can take photos at the same time

Flower wall rental time is 5 hours. Ask us how you can extend the rental time and find other options available.

8 Feet Flower Wall

Our 8' flower walls fill up any room they are in. The flowers basically start from the floor all the way up. It is perfect for big open spaces like receptions areas & outside areas.

The 8' flower walls, start from 6' wide, and can go as large as 14' or 16', although we would need an advanced booking to make sure we can reserve a flower wall this big for your event.

All prices include full day rental. Separate $150 delivery and setup fee applies. Check with our team for more details.

8 Feet Full Size Flower Wall Bride Photoshoot

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